Monday, February 20, 2012

"Slash and Burn"

Another classic by Colin Cotterill in his "Dr.Siri" series set in Laos. Colin lives in Thailand with his wife. I think there is a lot of subterfuge about how government quite often deceives the people it serves. Aside from that this thriller is very good, and involves old Dr.Siri's new wife in a mystery. But I must say I'm more than ready for the author to take us to new places and new incidents .............. then he did! For it seems our ageless coroner at last has some information to keep the troublesome judge Haeng off his back - at least for awhile! I look forward to the next book.
Cotterill, Colin. "Slash and Burn" 2011 New York, New York. Solo Press,Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-61695-116-0


  1. Sounds interesting--I wanted to get to Laos, but didn't make it.

  2. Sage...............
    I think you'd like the series; there is a lot of
    "historical throwback!"