Monday, February 27, 2012

Lenten devotional

Its not the ideal place to begin one's career, or ministry, or business. No one would chose a lonely, desolate place to celebrate a high water event, especially after a spiritual mountain top experience. Nonetheless Peterson interprets Mark as saying that "this same Spirit pushed Jesus into the wild." [Mark 1:9-13] At best it's as though Jesus had to be persuaded somewhat against his will to enter the desert. But who can blame Jesus, this becoming 'human' was proving to be not such an around great thing. First, in polite society, he was said to have been born in a barn, then because of him the family had to flee to Egypt for a number of his early formative years before returning to Israel. Its seemed no one understood his true mission in life, and his family wasn't exactly excited about his leaving home to hunt up his erratic, unstable cousin John, who himself lived in the wilderness.

Though he certainly wasn't about to disobey his Father's will, he was a bit perplexed as to what the desert and wild beasts would have to do with his growing into "humanity." But it had certainly been reassuring to have had his Father just moment's earlier publicly proclaim
his joy and affirmation of Jesus' progress. Maybe this desert thing wouldn't be so bad?!

As we journey into this new week perhaps the greatest beast we will face will the unknown.
But the promise we have is that our heavenly Father is with us, he knows the route we're to take, plus Christ has already traveled it, and we know the HOly Spirit will never lead us astray. Maybe I should learn to enjoy the desert, rest my care in God's hands and be more
quick to obey. No one said it was going to be easy growing into my spiritual maturity.

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